Getting Started Videos

ProductPlan is web-based software for roadmaps. Watch our videos to get started.

Feature Overview

Feature Overview

Our innovative features help you build, plan, show and share a visual roadmap.

Building Your First Roadmap

Building Your First Roadmap

Add Lanes, Bars and Containers to get your roadmap started.

Using the Parking Lot and Importing

Using the Parking Lot and Importing

Import a spreadsheet, prioritize opportunities and move initiatives onto your roadmap.

Sharing and Exporting

Sharing and Exporting

Share your roadmaps with Private Links. Export your roadmaps to high resolution PDFs, PNGs and other common formats.

Using the Planning Board

Using the Planning Board

Use the Planning Board to score your initiatives and prioritize your roadmaps.

Create a Portfolio View with Master Plans

A Portfolio View with Master Plans

Consolidate multiple roadmaps using the Master Plans feature.

productplan jira integration

Integrating JIRA with ProductPlan

Tie details to high-level strategy and show completion status on your initiatives with our JIRA integration.

Importing from JIRA

Our innovative features help you build, plan, show and share a visual roadmap.

ProductPlan Webinar (25 minutes)

ProductPlan Webinar (25 minutes)

Watch our full demonstration and learn how to plan, visualize and share your roadmap.


Product Management Educational Videos

Learn product management best practices.

Value vs.Effort Model

Prioritization: Value vs. Effort Model

Evaluate opportunities by their business value and relative complexity to implement.

Weighted Scoring

Prioritization: Weighted Scoring

Use weighted scoring to rank your potential initiatives objectively.

The Kano Model

Prioritization: The Kano Model

Use the Kano model to identify features that will yield disproportionate customer delight.

Buy a Feature

Prioritization: Buy a Feature

“Buy a Feature” is an activity you can use with customers to prioritize potential features.

Opportunity Analysis

Prioritization: Opportunity Analysis

Use opportunity analysis to identify important features that have low satisfaction scores.

Affinity Grouping

Prioritization: Affinity Grouping

Use affinity grouping to bundle similar features together and identify patterns.

Story Mapping

Prioritization: Story Mapping

Story mapping helps you document the MVP by organizing and prioritizing user stories.


Business Model Educational Videos

Learn how to design a successful business model and product strategy.

Business Model Overview

Business Model Overview

Learn about the business model canvas and how to get started creating your strategy.

Designing a Business Model

Designing a Business Model

Jim Semick shares proven strategies for designing a successful business model.

Business Model Elements

Business Model Elements and Principles

Jim Semick gives you a few principles to consider as you create your business model.