Your First 90 Days as a Product Manager: How to Navigate a New Team and New Product

In the first 90 days of your new product manager leadership role, you have the opportunity to discover and propose new directions for your team. It’s vital not to waste this time. To be most effective, it’s wise to go in with a plan. But do you know where to start?


In this webinar, we are joined by Jim Semick of ProductPlan, Ambica Sogal of Hewlett Packard, Roxanne Mustafa of VMware, and Kevin Steigerwald of Jama Software. Our expert panel digs into how you should be spending your first 90 days in a new role.

Whether you are joining a new company or a new team, you’ll learn the crucial steps you need to take to be successful. You’ll learn what questions you need to be asking and what to look out for with incumbent tools and processes that may slow you down.

In this webinar, Your First 90 Days as a Product Manager, our panel will cover:

  • Ways to earn the respect of an existing team quickly
  • Methods to own and evolve an existing product strategy
  • How to analyze an existing tool set and set the team up for success
  • Typical challenges you’ll face when joining a new team and how to overcome them