UX/UI Roadmap Template

UX/UI Roadmap Template

  • Great for mapping out your UX/UI related initiatives over time
  • Initiatives are grouped together in swim lanes
  • Color-coded according to project phase

This UX/UI roadmap includes initiatives related to user experience, user interface, and user research. Usability and design are key components of any product, and a dedicated UX/UI roadmap can help teams organize and prioritize design-related projects. Some example UX/UI initiatives—shown as containers on the roadmap above—are updating an app’s visual design and improving the user onboarding experience.

This example roadmap is fairly high-level—it covers a timeframe of a little over 6 months and the timeline is broken down into quarters. The initiatives do not include granular dates, and the roadmap is not intended to communicate specific deadlines but rather to give a general overview of the what to expect from the design team over the coming months.


Quick Facts

Use Case:
Product Team
Product, UX/UI, Developers
Time Horizon:
6 Months
Time Units: