IT project roadmaps are big picture, high-level overviews for stakeholders that don’t need nitty-gritty details. Unlike project plans, no one is looking at an IT project roadmap for specific tasks, deadlines, or resource allocation. IT project roadmaps convey the goals, significant milestones, and dependencies of a project to everyone who matters—whether its senior stakeholders, the management team or teams on the implementation side.

Key Features

  • Great for IT teams that need to keep other internal teams in sync
  • The legend is used to communicate priority of initiatives
  • Milestones mark deadlines for completing quarterly goals

This IT project roadmap shows the initiatives involved in projects like creating an IT help desk and improving global security over a 1-year time horizon. Time units are displayed in months and milestones mark deadlines for completing quarterly goals. Other milestones over individual lanes mark important dates like a product launch and implementation validation. The initiatives on the roadmap are color-coded according to priority—either high, medium, low, or “nice to have”.