Content Calendar Template

  • Great for mapping out your publishing schedule over time
  • Color-coded according to strategic marketing goals
  • High-level 4-month timeframe
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Quick facts

Use Case:

Executives/Team Leaders

Time Unit:
Months & Quarters

Content Type

Strategic Goals

Time Horizon:
4 Months

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Content calendars help marketing teams manage their publishing schedules and coordinate content marketing initiatives. This example content calendar maps out a company’s blog posts, email campaigns, and web page content over a three month period. Swimlanes visually divide up the calendar based on content type. The bars on the roadmap provide a general overview of when the team is working on each project without committing to specific publishing dates.

Each item on this content calendar is tied back to a strategic goal like driving traffic to the website or generating new sales leads. The goals are clearly displayed in the legend and the roadmap initiatives are color-coded accordingly. A content marketing team might choose to use this roadmap to easily communicate their strategic plan to executives or other department heads.