Agile Roadmap Template

Agile Roadmap Template

  • Great for dev teams that want to communicate sprint plans
  • Based on a 2-week agile sprint cycle
  • Milestones are used to show major releases

Agile development teams use project management software to track their backlogs, but they still benefit from a high-level roadmap to communicate the broader direction of the product. Agile companies need to strike the right balance between long-term vision and short-term execution in their roadmaps.

The example above is a timeline-based roadmap that spans a shorter time-horizon, with sprints for time markers. The swimlanes in this roadmap designate features, operations, and UX initiatives. The color-coding on an agile roadmap is often used to represent teams, status, or priority level. In this example, high-priority initiatives are light blue, medium-priority initiatives are dark blue, and low priority initiatives are green. When features span multiple sprints, you can use milestones to visualize each release.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
Agile Dev Team
Agile Dev Teams, Stakeholders
Time Horizon:
3 Months
Time Units:
2-week Sprints