Agile Roadmap Template

Sprint Roadmap Template

Even though agile development teams often use project management software to track their backlogs, they still require a high-level roadmap to communicate the overarching direction of the product. This is a living roadmap. Agile companies need to strike the right balance between long-term vision and short-term execution in their roadmaps. They need to be able to adjust their course in response to feedback and change their roadmaps quickly.

The example above is a timeline-based roadmap that spans a shorter time-horizon, with sprints as time markers. The swimlanes in this roadmap designate features, operations, and UX initiatives. It is not unusual for some initiatives to span across multiple sprints.

The color-coding in an agile roadmap is commonly used to represent teams, status or priority level. In this example, high priority initiatives have been coded light blue, medium priority initiatives are dark blue, and low priority initiatives are green. When features span across multiple sprints, as they do in this example, you can use milestones to visualize each release.

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