We know our customers use Table View for a variety of important tasks, including backlog maintenance, feature prioritization, and planning. So this week, we’re releasing a few quality-of-life enhancements for our Table View that will allow you to better organize and prioritize your backlog. Specifically, we’re bringing the power of containers to Table View.

In addition to Table View enhancements, we’ve also added the ability to resize your lanes in List View, just in case you need more space for your lane title.

For the full list of everything new in ProductPlan this week, check below:


  1. You can now see and edit containers within Table View
    1. You can inline edit containers in table view, including dates
    2. In place of the “edit” button, you can access a new menu in table view for each row that contains various actions:
      1. Edit – Launch the Edit Modal
      2. Prioritize – send to the prioritize modal
      3. Delete – delete the bar
      4. Convert to container – if the row is a bar
      5. Convert to bar – if the row represents an empty container
    3. Containers without a container bar (ghosted containers) are shown in table view with partial opacity
  2. You can now resize your lane in List View to display longer lane titles


  1. We’ve added additional roadmap templates to our template library
  2. We’ve improved the performance of the user management table for accounts with a large number of users 
  3. Usability: The refresh banners no longer block access to visible navigation controls. This affects the following banners:
    1. Refresh Banner = shown when a change has been made to the app source
    2. Reload Banner = shown when data for the current roadmap has been changed by someone else
  4. Usability: Truncated text in PNG Exports in the Timeline View now more closely matches the live preview display