• Customers with Azure DevOps integrations can now push items into Azure DevOps.
  • Lists are now supported in Portfolio View (previously named “Master Plans”).
    • Roll up multiple Roadmaps into a Portfolio and view them as a List.
    • View your Lists in Portfolio with multiple styles: Months, Quarters, Sprints, or Tags
    • Optimize your view of Lists in Portfolio with Legend and Lane consolidation options.
    • Publicly share and export Lists in Portfolio.


Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Bars linked to Jira will now have their tags synced
  • Fixed issue with SAML attributes where a provisioned user’s name was incorrectly getting set as the email address in some cases. 
  • Fixed Bar/container hover message when dates locked (used to always say synced with Jira)
  • Expand/Collapse All for containers on timelines fixed