What Is Pendo?

Pendo is a product-analytics app built to help software companies develop products that resonate with customers. The app allows software makers to embed in their products a wide range of tools that can lead both to a better product experience for users and new insights for the product team.

As the company itself describes its tool suite, Pendo helps app makers “drive product adoption, customer loyalty, and team innovation.”

Product Analytics Pendo

What Does the Pendo App Do?

Under its Pendo Product Cloud suite, Pendo offers a series of tools for app companies, including:


A product-analytics feature not only allows product teams to record and monitor, but also analyze how users interact with their app, website, and other digital content.


This tool lets software makers embed survey questions as well as polls into their apps. It allows product teams to ask hyper-focused questions at the right times during the user’s journey—and capture how they’re thinking and feeling about the product at specific moments.


The Guidance functionality lets app makers embed user-friendly walkthroughs in their apps as well as offer helpful tips and reminders along the way. This tool can improve onboarding and feature adoption.


Pendo’s Feedback functionality is a two-way communication platform. It allows app makers to gather user feedback about their experience and keep users updated on the status of their requests and suggestions.

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What Is the History of Pendo?

Todd Olson, Erik Troan, Eric Boduch, and Rahul Jain founded Pendo in 2013. This founding team had previous experience working for highly successful tech companies, including Google, Cisco, and Red Hat.

The founders believed product managers shouldn’t have to rely on engineering power to uncover the answers to questions such as how customers feel about a product, which factors lead to increased (or decreased) customer loyalty, and what is impacting company revenue and retention. Their original mission—which still drives Pendo today—was to offer product managers an easier way to understand and act on the things that truly drive product success.

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Which Teams or Departments Can Pendo Help?

Although it was originally intended for product teams, Pendo has evolved its tool suite over time. Today several teams at software companies, including sales, marketing, customer success, and UX, use Pendo’s Product Cloud to help improve their products and the company’s bottom line.

Pendo’s product analytics and business intelligence tools can help any department or team at a company selling digital products. Here are just some of the ways that organizations benefit from the app today:

  • User onboarding
  • Customer retention
  • Feature adoption
  • Company growth
  • Upselling and cross-selling to existing customers
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