Dependency Management

A dependency is a relationship between two initiatives that must be executed in a particular order.

Dependency management is the process of tracking and minimizing disruptions between dependencies. Effective dependency management can reduce risks and increase the likelihood that your product launch will go according to plan.

When preparing for a product launch, product managers should know who collaborators and key stakeholders are and understand that workflows and synchronized collaboration are essential to successful product development.

Dependency mapping: How do you strategically manage dependencies on a roadmap?

It is almost guaranteed that you’ll be working with other teams and departments in product development. It will be highly beneficial to your product team to have a way to strategically and efficiently see the relationships between tasks. A great way to help your product team manage dependencies is to use a tool that will help visualize dependencies and the relationships between roadmapping initiatives– otherwise known as dependency mapping.

At ProductPlan, we use our Connections feature to visually show dependencies on a roadmap. This feature allows your team to visualize connections and get real-time task updates. Connections can be shown across initiatives on a roadmap and across multiple roadmaps to show portfolio progress.