Enterprise IT Roadmap Template

Enterprise IT Roadmap Template

  • Great for IT teams that need to keep internal stakeholders in sync
  • The Legend is used to show completion status of strategic initiatives
  • The 1-year timeframe allows the IT team to think strategically

The audience for an enterprise IT roadmap will often be internal stakeholders looking to the IT team for info about internal-facing systems, security, and other solutions.

In the example above, the roadmap outlines capabilities based on their strategic importance (i.e. must-have, nice-to-have). This example also designates swimlanes for security and compliance initiatives, High Availability & Disaster Recovery (HA & DR), as well as operational support tasks. The status of each initiative is communicated with color-coding, with completed initiatives in dark purple, on track initiatives in green, at risk initiatives in yellow, and off track initiatives in orange. The timeframe for strategic enterprise IT roadmaps is longer, often 12-18 months

Quick Facts

Use Case:
IT/Ops Teams
Internal Stakeholders
Time Horizon:
1 Year
Time Units: