Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

  • Great for mapping out your digital marketing mix
  • Initiatives are grouped together by functional area
  • Color-coded according to lifecycle goals

A digital marketing roadmap allows your marketing team better coordinate their efforts across different marketing channels. The digital marketing roadmap above visualizes your content marketing initiatives, paid and organic search efforts, email marketing campaigns, and social media strategy. Each of the efforts are categorized based on their stage in the marketing funnel. In this example, initiatives color-coded green are aimed at bringing in new traffic, dark blue initiatives are focused on acquisition, orange initiatives are focused on lead nurture, light blue initiatives target conversion, and red initiatives aim to increase product visibility.

The time horizon for this digital marketing roadmap is about six months, and milestones are added to showcase the dates of an SEM audit, drip campaign overview, and a general marketing review.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
Time Horizon:
8 Months
Time Units:
Lifecycle Goal