Product Roadmaps

Product roadmaps convey both aspirations (through the product vision) and plans (through initiatives) while also connecting product strategy to company strategy. In this product roadmap guide, learn how to craft a roadmap that effectively communicates the “why” behind what you’re building.

Chapter 1

Product Strategy and your Roadmap

Setting the vision and strategic goals for the product—and, more importantly, getting alignment on these with your stakeholders—are the first steps to creating a successful roadmap. After all, if you don’t really know where you’re trying to go or why, how will you come up with a plan for getting there?

Chapter 2

Developing Product Initiatives

Armed with a powerful product vision and a set of strategic objectives that align with both that vision and organization-wide goals, you can start thinking about the roadmap itself. Namely, which initiatives belong on the roadmap and where they belong relative to one another.

Chapter 3

Prioritizing Initiatives on the Roadmap

Prioritization is challenging. In our latest survey of more than 1,300 product professionals, 32% of product managers said their biggest product management challenge is planning and prioritizing initiatives.

Chapter 4

Building Your Roadmap: Best Practices

Once you’ve settled on your product vision and prioritized all your initiatives, it is time to start building your roadmap. In this chapter, we will discuss a few best practices to keep in mind as you build your roadmap.

Chapter 5

Popular Roadmap Styles

The first step in building a roadmap is selecting the appropriate style. In this chapter, we will explain when and where these styles make sense and what some of the advantages and shortcomings are of each roadmap type.

Chapter 6

Sharing Your Product Roadmap

In addition to communicating with stakeholders frequently throughout the product planning process, successful product managers know how important it is to share their product roadmap with internal stakeholders. Sharing the roadmap with different teams such as sales, executives, marketing, and engineering is part of the job.