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Product roadmap software to plan and communicate your strategy better than ever.

  • Communicate More Effectively

    Communicate More Effectively

    Our product roadmap software helps you create and share beautiful product roadmaps in less time. Communicate to executives where you are going and look good doing it.

  • Build Consensus

    Build Consensus

    Keep everyone up to date with the current plan. Share your strategy to build consensus with key executives and stakeholders across the entire organization.

  • Standardize Your Team

    Standardize Your Team

    Eliminate the tangle of spreadsheets, presentations, and wikis. Create a single source of roadmap truth and share it throughout the company for no additional cost.



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We published a new product management book, Product Roadmaps: Your Guide to Planning and Selling Your Strategy. Learn best practices for planning, building, and communicating your roadmaps — it’s free!

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Some of our Happy Customers

ProductPlan Customers

People don't use complex products. ProductPlan is wickedly simple and this is why I love it.
Stefan Tzanev
- Senior Offering Manager, IBM Watson Group

Quickly Build and Customize

Create beautiful Web-based roadmaps in less time than a template or PowerPoint using drag and drop. Import from your current spreadsheet. Customize the timeframes, lanes, legend that work for your business.

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Present and Communicate

ProductPlan is your executive-facing roadmap communication tool. Show business value, effort, completion, feature descriptions and more. Merge multiple roadmaps into a Master Plan to see the big picture. With the JIRA integration connect your visual roadmap with the development details.

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Plan and Prioritize

Use the Planning Board to guide your product strategy discussions and get buy-in from key stakeholders. Objectively analyze your product opportunities. 

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Plan your roadmap with the Planning Board

sharing product roadmap

Unlimited Sharing

Securely share your interactive roadmap with anyone. Invite specific people or send a private link. Filter your roadmap view. Export to PDF, PNG, and XLS.

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  • We now have a flexible tool that creates efficiencies in roadmap planning while providing a standardized method of sharing, presenting and collaborating around the plans. Rarely do I find a new tool that has universal acceptance across the entire team. Good stuff!
    Mark Basler
    - Sr. Director of Product Management, Constant Contact
  • ProductPlan is invaluable for planning with internal teams, engaging with the executive team, and in meeting with our strategic accounts.
    Dave Coburn
    - Executive VP Product Management, Invoca
  • We're so grateful that we found ProductPlan. We now have an effective way to communicate our product strategy and vision to the rest of the company. Everyone, including the executive team, is loving it!
    Brandon Terry
    - Director of Product, Procore Technologies
  • "ProductPlan has proven very useful at multiple levels, from prioritization to visualization. ProductPlan has now spread from our product team into other groups. It's definitely worth checking out."
    Steve Francis
    - Chief Product Officer, LogicMonitor
  • "I used Trello for roadmaps but not anymore. Now ProductPlan is my roadmaps home! My team loves the transparency, ease of understanding and instant access. Great work!"
    Carol Glennon
    - Director of Project Management, Moontoast

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