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There’s no magic formula for success as a product person in an agile environment. The lack of a formula or rigid framework is part of what makes agile work for so many teams. Agile values and principles serve as guides rather than prescriptive rules and restrictions. All you need to get started down a more agile path is a desire to learn, a willingness to embrace change, and a drive to continuously improve.

The real benefits of agile do not come from adopting Scrum or any other agile framework, but from truly understanding the principles and applying them to build better products. Here is what you’ll learn in this book:

I’ve helped launch several products using agile software development practices. The process is a stark contrast to the typical “waterfall” development that is still in use by many companies today. Agile development practices—combined with what we call “agile product management”—can bring products to market faster and more successfully.

Jim Semick
Jim Semick
Founder & Chief Strategist at ProductPlan

“I think the challenge for Product Managers is to dominate tactic and strategic vision to generate a real impact; not only in the long term but also in every agile sprint. Try to always share the business vision with the technical team, and advise them like a client when they are developing new features. This thinking has to be trained over time, but I think it needs to be the mindset to support real advancement.”

Sr. Business Strategist at Santander Bank