Theme-Based Product Roadmap Template

Theme-Based Product Roadmap Template

  • Leaves room for inspiration and ideas to flow from your team
  • Simple, birds eye view makes it easy for all audiences to understand both the “what” and the “why”
  • A theme-driven roadmap focuses on broader objectives as opposed to detailed, feature specs

How can product managers get away from thinking in features rather than in outcomes? A theme-based product roadmap is an excellent starting point. This product roadmap template focuses on themes instead of features. Created with a small time frame (1 quarter, but easily modified), this style of roadmap is an excellent choice for product teams who are looking for ways to communicate what they’re working on to the rest of their organization.

Capture the big picture at a glance with a high-level theme-based product roadmap, and get your whole organization on the same page about your product’s strategy without worrying about getting caught in the weeds.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
Product Team
Internal Teams
Time Horizon:
1 Quarter
Time Units:
Business Objectives