Technology Roadmap Template

Technology Roadmap Template

  • Great for IT teams that need to keep internal stakeholders in sync
  • Roadmap does show dates to keep discussion more strategic and less tactical
  • The phase-based Legend communicates completion status to internal stakeholders

You can use a technology roadmap to plan out strategic initiatives such as migrating different software systems or rolling out updates. The audience for a technology roadmap will often be stakeholders looking to the IT team for internal-facing systems and solutions. The technology roadmap may also be shared with partners and vendors who rely on integrations and other technology from the organization.

In the example above, the roadmap is divided into three categories: people, technology, and security. The color-coding indicates the phase that each initiative falls into, from planning to implementation to optimization. These roadmaps often have longer time horizons or exclude dates altogether. The technology roadmap above is an example of a roadmap without dates

Quick Facts

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IT/Ops Teams
Internal Stakeholders
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