Software Roadmap Template

Software Roadmap Template

  • Great for keeping the entire organization in sync with your software product development
  • A 2-year timeframe communicates the company's long-term strategic plan
  • The Legend show which roadmap items are driven by which strategic goals

This software roadmap shows the initiatives involved in launching a new software product. The timeline is long term, about two years, and the swimlanes divide initiatives by functional area, either engineering or sales/marketing. Milestones mark major events such as the beta release and general availability release. The legend shows strategic goals, and initiatives are color-coded to communicate how each one ties back to the larger company strategy.

A software roadmap can help you organize the many different components that go into launching a new product. High-level roadmaps like this one are useful for keeping your eye on the big picture amidst many tactical initiatives.

Quick Facts

Use Case:
Product Teams
Other Functional Teams
Time Horizon:
2 Years
Time Units:
Strategic Goals