We are officially releasing improvements to the Table Layout allowing our users to reorder columns and more easily read the Title column within the Table. Plus, Basic Plan customers now have access to our Product Strategy feature!

How it works

As of Tuesday, 5/21/24, we are releasing a number of enhancements to the Table Layout within our Roadmaps space. You’ll now be able to reorder columns in the Table view, as well as more easily digest the Title column in the Table view with the help of text wrapping functionality.

In addition to the updates to the Table Layout, we are giving access to Product Strategy to our Basic plan users. To assist our customers in their growth journey, we wanted to give our Basic users access to Strategy to set them up for success as their teams grow. Let’s break it down by each enhancement:

Table improvements

In an effort to make our Table Layout more user friendly, we’ve pushed two distinct enhancements forward. First, editors with access to the Roadmap Table can now reorder columns in the table, aligning functionality between our Portfolio view and our Roadmap view. Two things to note around this improvement:

Second, the Title column on roadmap tables will now wrap to two lines for both parked and planned views. This will allow for a better overall user experience when utilizing the Table Layout.

Strategy for Basic plans

Following up on our March 14 release, Basic plan users now gain access to Product Strategy in their accounts. Continuing our beyond roadmapping theme from prior releases, we believe that it is vital for items on our customers’ roadmaps to tie back into their overall product strategy, and Basic customers are no exception to that!

With this addition to Basic plans, we hope to set users up for success on their growth journey and align best practices for all plans, no matter their users’ stage in their ProductPlan journey.