2018 Release Notes


  • Start Date for New Roadmaps: New Roadmaps and Master Plans created will now default to start at the beginning of the current month.
  • Auto Scroll when dragging across the Roadmap: Dragging a bar or container across your roadmap will automatically scroll across your timeline or lanes.
  • Auto Scroll to Today line: The today line will be centered when visiting a roadmap that has the today line within the timeframe.
  • Improved performance when resizing bars.
  • Undo and Redo: You can now undo (and redo) certain actions on your roadmap with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Private Links for Custom Views: You can create a customized View of a roadmap, with its own timeline settings, description and saved filters. Now, you can create a private link to any View to easily share with viewers.
  • Link to a Bar: Create a link within a bar or container to an existing Integration or add a webpage.
  • Download Templates In-App: We’ve added a dropdown to the roadmap homepage, which allows you to add one of our roadmap templates directly to your account, ready for editing.
  • Roadmap Custom Views (Saved Filters): You can now create and save alternate views of any roadmap. Custom Views can have their own timeline settings, descriptions, and saved filters.
  • UI Update for Bar Details: We’ve refreshed the look of our Bar Details page. Clicking on a Bar or Container will open up the new look.
  • Save comments on the Bar Details page when a user clicks “Save”.
  • Added transparency to Milestone poles to make them less prominent.
  • Respect line breaks on the roadmap name in hover over.
  • Today line on roadmaps is wider (2 px).
  • Fixed: Milestones no longer disappear, jump, or partially display flagpoles.
  • The title of a View has moved from the heading to the dropdown in the top left corner of the roadmap.
  • On a private link, Connection links that lead to the same roadmap are now fixed to stay on the same page

Planning Board / Parking Lot

  • Multi Bar Move from Parking Lot to Roadmap: You can select and move multiple Parking Lot items directly to your roadmap at once.
  • Clicking a connection from a Bar to the Parking Lot now shows the Parking Lot.
  • Save current tab when dragging from the Planning Board/Parking Lot.


  • Sync Title and Description Fields: You can now sync additional fields like title and description Jira, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker integrations.
  • New GitHub Integration: With our GitHub integration, you can link Issues from GitHub to Bars and Containers on your roadmap. You can synchronize percent complete based on their state.
  • Sync Percent Complete in Trello: Optionally synchronize percent complete with linked items’ status using the Trello Integration. By default, we’ll select the list farthest to the right to indicate completion, but you can change this.
  • Fix: Allow Jira to import many issues (>1000 would fail in some cases).
  • Allow search by key when the Jira project contains a number
  • Github integration now shows all repositories for all organizations, and can import more than 30 issues.
  • Jira integration page now shows re-authorization button when a user’s token expires.
  • Integrations are now alphabetized in-app.


  • “Last Active On” Column: Team administrators can now view their team members’ latest activity from their Manage Team page.
  • Show team members list on the share dialogue.
  • Scrolling improved for Manage Team page.
  • Trial users now limited to 20 invites.
  • UI Update for Share Dialogue: We’ve updated the look of the share dialogue when inviting others to a roadmap. The new look should make granting permission clearer as we continue to improve the invite flow.


  • Double tapping “Enter” no longer submits two comments.
  • After visiting a Bar url, the Bar will no longer animate infinitely.
  • Percent Complete now updates in a Master Plan after syncing.
  • Private Links to a Custom View now show the intended view.
  • Undo now works for Containers as expected.
  • Transferring roadmaps between users no longer displays the roadmap twice.
  • Comment icon on Bars is updated when comments are added or removed.
  • Restore and persist legend color when undoing a change.

Enterprise Features

  • Restrict Login to SSO: Admins on Enterprise subscriptions can now force users to use SSO and prevent logging in with ProductPlan credentials. Please contact us at support@productplan.com for more information on our Enterprise Plan or Enterprise Plus Plans.