• Start Date for New Roadmaps: New Roadmaps and Master Plans created will now default to start at the beginning of the current month.
  • Auto Scroll when dragging across the Roadmap: Dragging a bar or container across your roadmap will automatically scroll across your timeline or lanes.
  • Auto Scroll to Today line: The today line will be centered when visiting a roadmap that has the today line within the timeframe.
  • Improved performance when resizing bars.
  • Undo and Redo: You can now undo (and redo) certain actions on your roadmap with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Private Links for Custom Views: You can create a customized View of a roadmap, with its own timeline settings, description and saved filters. Now, you can create a private link to any View to easily share with viewers.
  • Link to a Bar: Create a link within a bar or container to an existing Integration or add a webpage.
  • Download Templates In-App: We’ve added a dropdown to the roadmap homepage, which allows you to add one of our roadmap templates directly to your account, ready for editing.
  • Roadmap Custom Views (Saved Filters): You can now create and save alternate views of any roadmap. Custom Views can have their own timeline settings, descriptions, and saved filters.
  • UI Update for Bar Details: We’ve refreshed the look of our Bar Details page. Clicking on a Bar or Container will open up the new look.
  • Save comments on the Bar Details page when a user clicks “Save”.
  • Added transparency to Milestone poles to make them less prominent.
  • Respect line breaks on the roadmap name in hover over.
  • Today line on roadmaps is wider (2 px).
  • Fixed: Milestones no longer disappear, jump, or partially display flagpoles.
  • The title of a View has moved from the heading to the dropdown in the top left corner of the roadmap.
  • On a private link, Connection links that lead to the same roadmap are now fixed to stay on the same page

Planning Board / Parking Lot

  • Multi Bar Move from Parking Lot to Roadmap: You can select and move multiple Parking Lot items directly to your roadmap at once.
  • Clicking a connection from a Bar to the Parking Lot now shows the Parking Lot.
  • Save current tab when dragging from the Planning Board/Parking Lot.


  • Sync Title and Description Fields: You can now sync additional fields like title and description Jira, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker integrations.
  • New GitHub Integration: With our GitHub integration, you can link Issues from GitHub to Bars and Containers on your roadmap. You can synchronize percent complete based on their state.
  • Sync Percent Complete in Trello: Optionally synchronize percent complete with linked items’ status using the Trello Integration. By default, we’ll select the list farthest to the right to indicate completion, but you can change this.
  • Fix: Allow Jira to import many issues (>1000 would fail in some cases).
  • Allow search by key when the Jira project contains a number
  • Github integration now shows all repositories for all organizations, and can import more than 30 issues.
  • Jira integration page now shows re-authorization button when a user’s token expires.
  • Integrations are now alphabetized in-app.


  • “Last Active On” Column: Team administrators can now view their team members’ latest activity from their Manage Team page.
  • Show team members list on the share dialogue.
  • Scrolling improved for Manage Team page.
  • Trial users now limited to 20 invites.
  • UI Update for Share Dialogue: We’ve updated the look of the share dialogue when inviting others to a roadmap. The new look should make granting permission clearer as we continue to improve the invite flow.


  • Double tapping “Enter” no longer submits two comments.
  • After visiting a Bar url, the Bar will no longer animate infinitely.
  • Percent Complete now updates in a Master Plan after syncing.
  • Private Links to a Custom View now show the intended view.
  • Undo now works for Containers as expected.
  • Transferring roadmaps between users no longer displays the roadmap twice.
  • Comment icon on Bars is updated when comments are added or removed.
  • Restore and persist legend color when undoing a change.

Enterprise Features

  • Restrict Login to SSO: Admins on Enterprise subscriptions can now force users to use SSO and prevent logging in with ProductPlan credentials. Please contact us at for more information on our Enterprise Plan or Enterprise Plus Plans.