I recently spoke at ProductCamp Silicon Valley about how to organize and prioritize a product roadmap. In the talk I also provided suggestions on how to present a compelling product roadmap to different audiences, and more importantly, how to get buy-in from executives and other stakeholders.

The way that you categorize and present your roadmap depends quite a bit on your audience. For example, executives may think about the roadmap in terms of strategic objectives, while the engineering teams may want to view the roadmap by technologies or platforms. If you are presenting to sales executives you may need a high-level roadmap that is organized by themes rather than specific features.

When reviewing your roadmap with executives and stakeholders, it’s essential to engage them throughout the process. When you are transparent about the decision-making and prioritization process you use, you create an environment of trust that limits disconnects. Aligning your roadmap and discussions around the goals, KPI’s, and objectives of the organization makes it more likely you’ll get buy-in from stakeholders.

Here is the presentation, including a few product roadmap examples.

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