Product Roadmap Templates

Product roadmaps are often executive-facing, and must tie back to strategic goals. Product roadmaps should be high-level, focusing on themes not details. The time horizon for product roadmaps is often long-term — at the level of quarters or years.

Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap

View an example of a single product roadmap, organized by team and color-coded by strategic goals.

Multiple Roadmap Template

Multiple Product Roadmap

View an example of a roadmap that covers three distinct products. Initiatives are color-coded by completion status.

Sprint Roadmap Template

Agile Roadmap

Agile teams still need roadmaps. View an example of a roadmap organized into sprints and color-coded by priority.

Release Plan

Release Plan

View an example of a release plan. Initiatives are organized into front end, back end, and QA categories.

portfolio roadmap

Portfolio Roadmap

This portfolio roadmap combines roadmaps for multiple products. Each product has a distinct legend.

UX roadmap

UX/UI Roadmap

This high-level UX/UI roadmap includes initiatives related to user experience, user interface, and user research.


Technology Roadmap Templates

Apart from product management, roadmaps are also commonly used to plan strategic technology initiatives. The audience for IT roadmaps is often internal stakeholders, partners, or enterprise customers.

Technology Roadmap Template

Technology Roadmap

View an example technology roadmap, which maps out initiatives like migrating software systems and increasing security.

Enterprise IT Roadmap

Enterprise IT Roadmap

It’s not uncommon for large enterprises to lose sight of the big picture. View an example enterprise IT roadmap.

Architecture Roadmap Template

IT Architecture Roadmap

Software architects build the backbone of the company’s products. View an example on IT architecture roadmap.

IT project roadmap

IT Project Roadmap

This IT project roadmap shows example initiatives for web server and network improvements. Milestones mark deadlines for completing quarterly goals.

dev/ops roadmap

Dev/Ops Roadmap

View an example dev/ops roadmap. The legend indicates which initiatives are part of the development process and which are part of the operations process.

engineering roadmap

Engineering Roadmap

This engineering roadmap is broken down by team and color-coded by job function. The timeline is organized in sprints.


Marketing Roadmap Templates

Marketing plans are another common use case for roadmaps. Marketing roadmaps can encompass product launch plans, content calendars, digital marketing programs, and beyond.

Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan

View an example of a marketing roadmap that covers service management, branding, channel management, and sales.

Product Launch Plan

Product Launch Plan

When launching a new product, it’s important to keep everyone in sync. View an example product launch plan.

Digital Marketing Roadmap Template

Digital Marketing Roadmap

View an example digital marketing roadmap. Initiatives are color-coded by lifecycle goals like traffic and acquisition.

content calendar

Content Calendar

This example content calendar maps out planned blog posts, email campaigns, and webpage content.

mobile marketing roadmap

Mobile Marketing Roadmap

View an example mobile marketing roadmap that includes social media, mobile application, and PR initiatives.

marketing strategy roadmap

Marketing Strategy Roadmap

This marketing strategy roadmap color-codes initiatives according to whether they are part of the analysis, execution or evaluation phase.