How Product Roadmap Software Aligns Product Strategy Across the Company

Watch how product roadmap software from ProductPlan helps AppFolio align its product strategy across the entire company.

Product Roadmap Software Was a Better Choice

Before ProductPlan, the company was producing product roadmaps using PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and drawing tools. The roadmaps were static, unimpressive, and difficult to share.

AppFolio is growing quickly and sells software products in multiple vertical markets. The product team is growing too, making communicating the strategy even more challenging.
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Multiple Teams Benefit from Visual Roadmap Software

The company adopted ProductPlan first within the product team. But the solution soon moved into other departments as they saw how easy and compelling the roadmaps were. ProductPlan is now used for product roadmaps, marketing launch plans, IT roadmaps, and more.

ProductPlan helps the company:

  • Visualize their product strategy for more impact
  • Create better alignment across the company
  • Communicate marketing and product launch plans
  • Prioritize and plan future initiatives
  • View the comprehensive portfolio across teams

ProductPlan offers a number of features that streamline the process of organizational communication and strategy. Users can share their roadmaps with team members or stakeholders in order to circulate a living software roadmap that continually updates as changes are made. Users can also create and share custom views of their roadmaps to share with specific audiences.
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