Scrolling Through Your Roadmap


If there is more roadmap to view to the right, or more Lanes to view than can fit in one window, you can view more by scrolling. You can define how much roadmap shows in Settings. You can also Zoom to see more or less of your roadmap in the browser window.

For Mac OS Users

  • For Mac OS users on Apple Safari or Google Chrome, you can set your scroll bars to display permanently. Go to System Preferences, select General, and for Show Scroll Bars select Always.
  • On a Mac with a trackpad, the scroll bars will not appear until you start scrolling (two finger scrolling is the default). If your default is also set to swipe between pages with the same motion, it may make scrolling more complicated. To disable this setting, in System Preferences choose Trackpad. Under the More Gestures tab, disable the Swipe between pages option.
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