Training Webinars


Learn tips and best practices to utilize ProductPlan for your team. Have a request for a customer webinar topic? Contact us to let us know what you’d like us to cover!

How the Parking Lot, Planning Board, and Roadmap fit Together (30 minutes)

Learn how the Parking Lot and Planning Board work together with your Roadmap.

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Getting the Right Roadmap in Front of the Right Audience (25 minutes)

Learn how to tailor your roadmap to your audience using different ProductPlan features.

training videos productplan

Roadmaps in Real Life: Best Practices From a ProductPlan Customer

Learn Best Practices and view real examples from a ProductPlan customer.

Roadmaps in Real Life webinar

Roadmap Dependencies: A Case Study

Learn how to use Connections to show Dependencies on your roadmap.


How to Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Learn how to make better prioritization decisions with the Planning Board.


How ProductPlan Fits Into Your Existing Tools: Jira & More

Learn how to use the Jira integration and more.


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