Adding Details to Bars


To edit the information in a Bar (or Container), just click on it. You can add details that will be visible to viewers of your roadmap. Editors of your roadmap can also update Bar information.

bar details productplan

  • … (More) – You can delete, move an item to the parking lot, or view its history by selecting the ellipsis in the top right corner. From this menu you can also select which fields you wish to display, as well as turn on Dates or Connections.
  • Title – The name that appears on the Bar you have selected.  If the title exceeds the length of the Bar, the view from the roadmap will be clipped, depending on which Bar font you have selected.
  • Description – This field is a great place for providing a brief explanation about your initiative.  It is also visible from the roadmap view when the cursor is hovering over its corresponding Bar.
  • Strategic Importance – Describe the specific value that this initiative holds in relation to other items on your roadmap. Strategic Importance could be text or a numeric description.  This may be influenced by how you prioritize different items.
  • Percent Complete – From 0 to 100, this will automatically be reflected in your roadmap by the fill level of your Bar color.  For example, if you select 50% complete, the Bar color will be filled halfway to demonstrate this.
  • Effort –  Choose between T shirt sizing or numeric (1-10). To change the default Effort level, click the Settings button on your Roadmap.
  • Legend – Select an existing legend color.  This will update the color of the Bar, and will be visible on the roadmap immediately.  New legend items can be created from the Legend area on the roadmap view.
  • Tags – Tags provide a way to add customizable information to an initiative, such as product owner, geographic region, underlying technology, or status. Choose an existing Tag that you’ve created, or create a new one.  Once a Tag is created, it will become available to add to any existing Bar. The Tags will be available to other editors of your roadmap. You can filter by Tags. 
  • Notes – Add additional notes that may not correspond with any existing fields.  These will be visible from View Mode as well.
  • Links – You can add an integration link, or link to any webpage. Click the link icon on the left, or scroll down to access the links section. 
  • View Mode – Quickly switch to View Mode from the details screen to see how your viewers will see your roadmap. To exit View Mode, click Edit Mode.

As you complete details, they are visible to viewers of your roadmap (items you don’t complete are hidden).

bar details productplan view mode

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