How to Use the Parking Lot

The Parking Lot is a place for your future opportunities. It also provides a great way to create a backlog of ideas that you’ll use for discussion and prioritization.

To get started, you can either add a new item to the Parking Lot, or import an existing spreadsheet. If you’ve integrated with JIRA, you can also import a list of issues directly from Jira at once.

After adding items to your Parking Lot, click on the pencil icon in the Actions column to edit their information. You can also click directly on a column to add or edit information.

Once you fill out your Parking Lot, you can drag and drop items in the list to re-prioritize them.

When ready, you can drag Bars from the Parking Lot directly to the Roadmap:


To move a Bar on the Roadmap back to the Parking Lot, simply right-click the bar and choose “Move to Parking Lot.”

From the Planning Board you can select any item from your Parking Lot for scoring and further prioritization.

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