Setting up Your Single Sign-On Integration

As part of your Enterprise subscription to ProductPlan, you can make signing in to ProductPlan easier by integrating with your organization’s Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Using SSO for your team in ProductPlan requires an Enterprise Subscription.

By configuring SSO for your team in ProductPlan, your users will be able to sign in via your SSO Apps portal or on ProductPlan without requiring a password. You will also have the option to restrict Private Roadmap URL’s to SSO users only.

We use a federated identity management system to establish the connection.  We can support the following products:

To set up SSO for your team, please contact We will provide instructions for your team to complete the integration.

We are also able to integrate with other SSO providers. If your SSO provider is not listed, please contact us to work with our team on configuring your set up.

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