Jira Integration

JIRA and ProductPlan

ProductPlan’s Jira integration gives you a way to connect a ProductPlan Bar or Container with Jira Epics or Issues.

You can link existing Epics/Issues or you can push a new Epic/Issue directly into Jira from within ProductPlan. You can also configure ProductPlan to pull completion progress directly from Jira, saving you time.

The integration works with both the Atlassian OnDemand version as well as the installed on-premise version. If you have an on-premise solution, the Jira server needs to be accessible from outside the firewall (e.g from home). You can find more information for setting that up here, or contact support@productplan.com for further assistance.

Watch the setup video here.

Setup Instructions for ProductPlan User

To set up the integration, go to your Integrations page and follow the instructions. If someone in your organization has previously configured the integration, your setup will be quick (you’ll just need to enter your Jira URL).

JIRA and ProductPlan Integration

If this is the first time anyone in your organization has configured the JIRA integration, you will need to contact your JIRA administrator as information needs to be added to JIRA. You may need to copy and paste the JIRA setup information to send to your JIRA administrator. This includes the Consumer Key and Public Key provided by ProductPlan.

Setup Instructions for Jira Administrator

To complete the Jira integration process, a ProductPlan user will need to provide you with custom values (copied from https://app.productplan.com/integrations). The integration will support Jira version 5.0 and higher. The exact steps will depend on your specific version of Jira.

  1. Go to your Jira application settings (the cog next to your profile photo)
  2. Click “Applications.” For earlier versions click “Add-ons.”
  3. Click  “Application Links” in the left-hand navigation menu
  4. Enter this as the URL: 
  5. Click “Create new link”
  6. If you get a warning saying “No response was received from the URL you entered”, click “Continue”
  7. Under Application Name, enter “ProductPlan”
  8. For Application Type, select “Generic Application”
  9. Do NOT fill out the remaining fields. Click “Continue”
  10. Click  the “Edit” link to the right of your newly created ProductPlan application
  11. Select  “Incoming Authentication”
  12. Enter the following values:
  • Consumer Key: 
(provided by ProductPlan)
  • Consumer Name: ProductPlan
  • Public Key: (provided by ProductPlan – copy everything, including the begin and end certificate lines)
  • Consumer Callback URL: 

13.  Click “Save”

JIRA will present a page requesting access. Click Allow. The JIRA integration is now complete.

How to Link ProductPlan Bars to Jira

Once the configuration is complete, you can link Bars and Containers to Epics or other issues in Jira. You can either link them to existing issues, or create new issues to push to JIRA. You can link multiple issues from Jira to a single Bar or Container in ProductPlan.

To link to an existing Epic or issue, click on a Bar or Container and select the Jira dropdown field. Here you can search by the exact ID or Summary text of the Epic or issue that you want to link (note that you cannot search by Epic name).

You can also generate a new Epic/Issue and push it directly into Jira. Click the ellipsis in the top right corner and select “Add to Jira” to push the item to a Jira project.

Once linked, you and your viewers can click from ProductPlan to the Jira issue. If enabled, the Percent Completion will also update automatically once per day based on completion in Jira. If multiple issues are linked to a Bar, the percentage complete will be an aggregate of all linked issues.


JIRA percent complete
Once synchronized, ProductPlan’s Percent Complete will automatically update daily based on completion in Jira


Synchronizing Percent Complete

You can set ProductPlan to automatically update the Percent Complete on a Bar or Container based on completion within Jira. You can set ProductPlan to update the Percent Complete based on:

  • The number of stories completed in an Epic
  • Story points of all stories in an Epic or Issue

To set up ProductPlan to synchronize Percent Complete, click the Synchronize “Percent Complete”… checkbox on the Integrations page. Once set up, the roadmap will synchronize daily at 5:00 a.m. UTC. You can synchronize at any time by clicking the Sync Now button.

Note that in some cases if we are not able to calculate story points or story count, ProductPlan will calculate Percent Complete based on JIRA’s time tracking feature.

JIRA and ProductPlan Integration Highlight


Importing From Jira to ProductPlan

You can import multiple issues from Jira directly to your Parking Lot in ProductPlan. If you have Epics that are already in progress in Jira, this is a great way to quickly bring them into ProductPlan. Importing issues will include the name and description as well as automatically create a link to the Bar in ProductPlan. Learn more about importing from Jira.

Configuring Bars to Synchronize

Once the synchronization is set up, any new ProductPlan Bars or Containers that you link to Jira will automatically be synchronized. You’ll need to manually set the synchronization for any Bars or Containers that you previously linked to Jira.

  • To disable the synchronization, click the link icon on the Details screen. You can then set the Percent Complete manually.
  • You can enable the synchronization by clicking the link icon. The Percent Complete will update at the next daily synchronization or when you click the Sync Now button from the Integrations page.

configure jira integration


We use Jira’s OAUTH for identity management, so at no point are user passwords entered into or stored on our system. Revocable tokens are stored on a per-user basis, ensuring that each user’s access in the system matches their access in Jira. ProductPlan’s connection to Jira APIs is via an SSL-encrypted transaction.


  • If you are working in a Jira Kanban board, Jira Epics will be marked as complete only if the issue is in the green “Done” column (or whatever you have renamed the last column).
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