Importing From Jira to ProductPlan


ProductPlan’s Jira integration gives you a way to connect a Bar or Container on your roadmap to Epics or other issues in Jira. Once you’ve gone through the steps to configure the integration, you can import multiple Jira issues into ProductPlan at once.

To import from Jira, go to the Parking Lot of the roadmap you want to import to. Click the Import button at the top and then select the Jira tab (watch the video).

Next, find the issues you want to import from Jira. On your issues page in Jira you can filter for different issues, or select a filter from the Favorite Filters section:

import JIRA ProductPlan filterNext, copy and paste the browser URL from your issues page in Jira to the Parking Lot dialog in ProductPlan:

ProductPlan will import the issues as ideas on your Parking Lot. It will include the Title and Description fields and create a link to the issue in Jira. You can drag and drop these ideas from your Parking Lot as Bars onto your roadmap. Once on your roadmap, you can synchronize percentage complete with their linked issues in Jira:

import JIRA ProductPlan View




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