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Enterprise Overview

The ProductPlan Enterprise plan is designed for organizations with 10 or more roadmap Editors. With ProductPlan Enterprise your team gets access to additional features and enhanced services.

Enterprise Features

  • Single Sign-On integration. Make signing in to ProductPlan easier for viewers and editors by integrating with your organization’s single sign-on method. Support for Active Directory, SAML, and more.
  • Strong Password Enforcement. Enforce stronger password combinations required by your organization.
  • Limit or restrict access to private links. Require that viewers of private links be authenticated by your organization’s single sign-on method. Or optionally disable private link access altogether.
  • Centralized tag management. Manage and standardize tags across multiple roadmaps and your entire team.
  • Multiple administrators. Allow multiple administrators to add users and manage licenses.

Enterprise Services

  • Premium onboarding. Additional support for deploying ProductPlan throughout your organization.
  • Personalized support and training. Personalized account management and optional web-based training.
  • Custom Terms of Service. Optional negotiated changes to the standard ProductPlan Terms of Service.
  • Optional Invoicing. Optional invoicing terms for the subscription payment (minimums apply).

For more information, email us at support@productplan.com or call us at +1(805) 618-2975.