Managing Your Subscription


Every purchased account includes administration features that make it easy to manage your ProductPlan billing and licenses.

When you purchase a ProductPlan subscription, you will have access to the Account Settings page.

manage subscription ProductPlan

From this page you can:

  • View your subscription details
  • Manage and invite users to your plan
  • Add Licenses to your plan
  • Change your plan
  • Update your billing information
  • View your billing history

When you invite a user to your group, they receive an email notification – once they accept, they are added to your account. As the administrator of a plan, the Manage Team page allows you to modify a user’s license type, transfer roadmaps between users, delete users, and restrict access to sharing roadmaps through Private Links.

If you currently have a single license and would like to upgrade to more, you can visit your Add Licenses page to add more licenses at any time.

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