At ProductPlan, we’re believers in roadmaps without specific dates. We think of the roadmap as a view into the strategic direction of the company, rather than a detailed project plan of exact delivery dates.

But there are times when you need to communicate specific dates to stakeholders for a release or big event, such as a conference. That’s why we’ve introduced our Milestone feature.


Milestones are a colorful way to show dates on your roadmap, and they’re easy to add by dragging and dropping them from the sidebar.

You can drop a Milestone onto the timeline to show an event across the entire roadmap. Or drop a Milestone onto the top of a Lane to show the Milestone for a single lane.

Did your milestone date change? It’s easy to drag and drop it to its new place, and the date automatically updates!

Milestones are a great way to communicate dates to stakeholders. Read more about how to use Milestones in ProductPlan Help.